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Symptoms: Before, during and after treatment

I'm gonna talk about all the symptoms I experienced through this whole ordeal. Some of it is not very pleasant, but I want to talk about it to hopefully help someone out their looking for answers. I know I talked a little bit about it in previous posts, but I really didn't go into too much detail, or tell everything. To start, one of the first symptoms I experienced was abnormal bleeding. I did talk about this earlier, but didn't really dive into it as I should have.  I had bleeding in between periods, but the red flag really was bleeding during and after sex.  I was a little afraid to talk about that part, but it needs to be talked about. It wasn't every time at first, just a little here and there, but enough to know something wasn't right. The bleeding in between periods was light, and I really did think that it was possibly PCOS. More like hoping. That would be better than the possibility of cancer.  Those were really the only symptoms I experienced leading up


About a week and a half after Danielle passed away, I got a huge surprise.  I was told Josh and I were invited to our friends Matt and Megan's for dinner. I was pretty excited about that. I enjoy visiting with them.  I had school work to do before I could do anything and I was going to the school library to do it. We were living with Josh's grandma for a little bit transitioning from an apartment to a house.  So while I was at the school, Josh went and ran some errands.  I just thought he was keeping himself busy while I got school work done.  When I was done with school, he picked me up then we went to a tattoo shop where Josh got a tattoo done in his armpit. He got the cervical cancer ribbon. The reason he chose his armpit is because he said Cancer Stinks! After his tattoo, we had some time to kill before we headed to Matt and Megan's. Josh told me they had errands to run and they would let us know when they were home and we could come over. Earlier in the

My Sweet Friend Danielle

Right after I got the news that I was cancer free, just five days to be exact, my dear sweet friend Danielle passed away suddenly in a freak accident.  It was awful. She was missing her cat for a few days and her and her daughter found the cat in a tree near where they live.  The cat was pretty high up in the tree, but Danielle was not afraid of heights. She went and got one of their ladders and climbed up the tree to get her cat. I'm not sure the exact details of what happened, but she fell of the ladder and when she landed, it wasn't good. She was rushed to the hospital and had severe internal bleeding and they tried all they could, but they couldn't save her. It was awful. She was one of the nicest, sweetest people I have met in my life. I only got to know her for a few years, but in that time, she made a huge impact in my life. I would go to her for advise, she was very easy to talk to. Non-judgmental, but very committed to her Christianity. She would have given you