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Getting through it all

I had taken a leave of absence from work the last 4 weeks of treatment and one extra week after my last treatment. I am still incredibly grateful for the company I work for. When I was first diagnosed, I didn't tell a lot of people what was going on. I am pretty introverted, and I also didn't want to be treated any different.  After learning all I would have to go through, I knew there was going to be a time when I would need to take time off work.  Not just because I thought I wasn't going to feel good, but because with the schedule I had to do my treatment. I had Chemo on Mondays, external radiation Monday through Friday. And then in week 4 I had brachytherapy on Fridays. So it made it difficult to work full time.

I wasn't sure how I was going to manage taking time off to get through all this. I started looking into what kind of financial help I could get. There wasn't much for living in Idaho. If I had lived in Washington, there were quite a few.  Then the most amazing thing happened. My amazing boss' had put out the message that if anyone had wanted to, they could donate sick time to a fellow co-worker that was in need. They had only done this one time before, for a woman going through breast cancer.  It brought tears to my eyes. At that time, I let everyone know it was me, and how incredibly thankful I was for that. I still don't know how to repay them. They helped me get through this awful time.

I was donated a total of 11 weeks, but I only used 5. I felt I only needed to get through the remainder of treatment with a week after my last brachy just to try to feel a little normal before coming back.  It was nice when I came back, but also hard. I probably should have used a few more weeks to recover, but I managed.