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First post scan results

I had my first post treatment exam at the beginning of August with the gynecologic oncologist. At that appointment she prescribed my estrogen patches and also explained to me that I needed to use a dilator to keep from getting scar tissue build up so my vaginal tract doesn't close up.  I didn't really realize that could happen, but it can. She said everything looked good and I would see her in about three months. 

In September I was scheduled for my first post treatment pet scan. My anxiety was kicked up in high gear. I was later told that it's called scanxiety. Almost every person that has gone through cancer gets it. That was scheduled September 6, and my doctors appointment wasn't scheduled for the results until the 19th so I had to wait a few weeks to get them.  Dr. Gay actually called me the week before I went to see him and Dr. Wagner to let me know that things looked good! I was pretty happy. He didn't give to many details but gave me a little piece of mind.

September 19,2019 was the day I found out I am cancer free!! That was the best day!  When I went to my appointments, my nurse was there to give me a hug, and both Dr. Wagner and Dr. Gay were proud to give me the news!  Afterwards, Josh and I went out to eat to celebrate. We went to Red Lobster. It was delicious!

I was on top of the world. The next day, I brought doughnuts for the whole office. I was just so incredibly thankful for everything and I had to share my excitement!