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The follow up appointment

Six months later, well seven months actually, I scheduled my follow up appointment. It was January 23,2019. I had my check up and Dr. Kim said everything was looking good, but they still did a pap smear to make sure.  This still came back as abnormal so he decided the next step would be to do a cone biopsy.

This was to be more invasive than the leep. I would have to be put under anesthesia to do this. I still wanted to be able to have babies, so the goal was to remove the bad cells and also keep as much of my cervix as we could. We scheduled the surgery for February 26, 2019.

That day was a normal surgery prep day. No eating or drinking anything after midnight. The usual stuff. My surgery wasn't scheduled until 1pm, so it felt like a long day. I had Josh with me that day and also his mom was there.  I got called back to be prepped almost immediately after I checked in. And got to relax a little bit and watch some TV until they were ready for me.

The procedure went well, however, when Dr. Kim cut into my cervix, he immediately saw the tumor. He couldn't be 100% for sure until it was biopsied, but he suspected it was cancer. He went out to the waiting room when I was done and let Josh and his mom know what he had found and that everything else went well while I was waking up.  He did come and talk to me after I had woken up, and I vaguely remember, but it didn't click at that time.  I went home and recovered for a few days and was in a little bit of pain for a few days after that.

Two days later Dr Kim called me himself and let me know the results had come back and it was definitely cancer. I was devastated as that also meant I wouldn't be able to have babies. I was scheduled to see him for a follow up a few days later and also referred to a gynecologic oncologist.  He also scheduled me a CT scan so that we could get a better look at how big the tumor was. This was so crazy to me how quickly it accelerated.  How could I have cancer?