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The first day of treatment

My first treatment day was April 22, 2019.  I had to get my blood drawn first, then go downstairs and do my radiation then go back upstairs and get hooked up for chemo.  It was all surreal. Before this all started I was asked if I wanted to get a port put in before I started treatment. I decided not to because I thought that I would only be getting 6 rounds of chemo so that should only mean 6 IV's done. But I never accounted for needing an IV every time I had brachytherapy. If I had to do it over again I probably would have gotten the port.  My veins were not happy with me towards the end of treatment.

The radiation went fast. I had to have a full bladder every time I had radiation to hopefully prevent a hole from being burnt through my vaginal wall to my colon. Most of the time that wasn't too bad, but I had a few times when holding it was very tough.  The first week of radiation I got to lay on my back while the machine went around me. Toward the end of the week though Dr. Wagner decided it would be more beneficial to have me lay on my stomach as that was a more direct shot and would better prevent the radiation from burning a hole.

I was not happy at first with this change as it was not comfortable at all and I complained to the radiation tech that first time. And she told me that there are 80 year old women with breast cancer that have to lay in that same position to receive their treatment and after that I never complained again. She put me in my place and I'm thankful she did. I thought if they can do it, then I most definitely can.

My first chemo I went by myself. I wanted it that way. I wanted to know exactly what to expect before I had anyone go with me.  It went as well as it could. I was set up in a comfortable chair. I had brought with me a journal to doodle in, some snacks, my little Miss Piggy that I have had since I was 5. 36 years old and still have my childhood security blanket. I have no shame! lol I had a wonderful view to look at. Outside they have it landscaped with two small waterfalls and it was spring so everything was blooming and pretty. It was a nice sunny day that day as well.

There was a little old lady that volunteers once a week that was so sweet. She was there to keep people company and get you something to drink or snack on. I forget her name but she was so kind. The day went by fast. Chemo was only a little over 3 hours so I didn't have to be there all day.  I had a little bit of anxiety the night before and didn't sleep well, but as soon as I got home, I took a nap.

Here is a picture from that first day.