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Meeting with the radiation and chemotherapy doctors

I met with my radiation doctor first. His name is Dr. Aaron Wagner. He is also very kind and compassionate and is very thorough when he is explaining the details of treatment and what to expect. Josh couldn't go with me to this appointment, so I video chatted him in.  Most of the information I was given at this time I don't really remember. Everything is kind of like trying to remember a dream. What I do remember is him going over what to expect with the radiation. I was going to be scheduled to do a simulation where they take a ct scan of where the tumor is and they also took a mold of my legs that I would later use during radiation to help hold my body still while the machine went around me.

He also explained to me how the internal radiation was going to go.  The first one would be after my fourth week of treatment and I would have to be put under anesthesia and also would need a spinal epidural to put my legs asleep. The reason for all this was because they had to stitch in a sleeve to hold the rods that would distribute the radiation internally.  He described to me that the rods would be about the size of a straw and there would be about four of them.

He also asked me about preserving my fertility before we got any treatment started and I told him the same thing I told Dr. Grossen, that at that time I just wanted to get treatment started and if Josh and I ever decided we wanted to have kids in our life, we would adopt or foster at a later time.

This was all overwhelming but I knew it was the right thing to do. We got the next appointment scheduled to do the simulation and once that was done, I would be scheduled to do a trial with the radiation machine and then treatment would start.

Next I met with my medical oncologist. His name is Dr. Nathaneal Gay. Like all the other doctors I see, he is also very kind and compassionate.  He let me know how the chemo would go and what side effects to watch for as I was going through treatment. He worked with Dr. Wagner to make sure my schedules with the treatment went together and didn't overlap or were too spread apart.  I also met with one of his nurses to go over more in depth about chemotherapy and also the different resources available to me. I was given a wonderful little bag of goodies that a local non-profit puts together for each cancer patient. It had all sorts of great stuff in it like some hand lotion, some ginger candies and tea, some hand sanitizer, a thermometer, a sipper cup. It was very nice.